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We Appreciate Your Feedback!

Since our founding in 1994, customer service has always been a top priority at Bruce Robdrup Mechanical. We take pride in the reputation we’ve earned as a leading plumber in Brantford and surrounding areas over the past 20 years. Our team enjoys getting feedback and invites you to comment on your experience with us by filling out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Efficient workmanship at a reasonable cost

Good plumber, knows what he’s doing. Extremely efficient, reasonable cost and easy to deal with. The rest of the 30 words that I’m supposed to write here would be redundant and inefficient – unlike Bruce. - Tony O.

Expert guidance on our shower problem

I met this guy through working on a construction site. We had a leak in the shower and could not find the cause. He was asked to look at it and found we had the caulking around the shower in the wrong spot to let the water run out. We removed the caulking in that spot and now water drains away properly. Did we feel silly about that! - B. Chand

Great work on basement bathroom renovation

Bruce did a great job! I trusted him in my home and everything was great! He answered any questions we had and always returned phone calls. Overall a 10 rating and I would recommend him! - Sarah

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